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Social bookmarking is a movement of adding and sharing website links on various online administrations that permit sharing substance and social bookmarking. Bookmarking websites enables users to include, alter and distribute the links, with the likelihood of labeling the link.

Social bookmarking websites produce a lot of links, which are presented by the users. Labeling is utilized by these websites to sort out a bookmarking system, and to give users of the website to easily browse through the existing links.

Besides sharing a link and adding a tag, social bookmarking websites may include additional features, such as adding description, comments, votes, or even the possibility to automatically share on social networks by connecting accounts.

Bookmarking system

The main reason for having a bookmarking system is to have valuable links composed so that you can rapidly discover the link you need. Links shared along these lines are frequently called bookmarks, and they can be private, in case you want to keep your list, or open, in the event that you need to enable different users to get to your rundown.

You, as a client of social bookmarking website, can make a record to share your own links, or you can communicate with different users, which is the reason these sorts of websites are called social. You can as a rule follow other users’ feeds, to stay aware of the links they distribute, or you can discover some fascinating thoughts from other users’ lists. Websites also permit looking choices, which enable you to peruse the links shared by different users, utilizing labels or keywords. Links can as often as possible be organized by significance or class, enabling users to rapidly discover the resource they need.

Purpose of social bookmarking website

Social bookmarking websites are often used as a piece of social media marketing in the motivation behind promoting website content to online networks. Social bookmarking website can be associated with the social media accounts, which are linked to your blog, making an extended system of resources for promoting content and building your online network.

Although social bookmarking websites are valuable for link sharing, they permit features like those present on social media, which enable you to enhance your record and grow your online impact to the network present on the referenced website. This is also a critical viewpoint with regards to marking, as you increment your impact over numerous platforms, accordingly making an online image for your business.

Therefore, take your time to optimize your account on social bookmarking websites, the same way you would do with social networks. Add a profile image, add the description and other information about your company, as all of this can help with creating on online profile.


Large Volume in traffic

Finally, social bookmarking websites can possibly produce expansive volume of traffic, which is especially imperative for websites that are simply beginning to get through, are as yet attempting to get to the principal page of natural search results. Because of an extensive number of users, sharing a link on social bookmarking websites might be very viable, as links enable you to achieve those particular users. Moreover, tagging choices can enable you to focus on your content at users who are keen on that content, who are searching for new ideas identified with the term you are using as a tag.

Unlike search engines, that use complex algorithms to comprehend the content and rank it as needs be, social bookmarking websites use tags made by the users to order content. Tagging is more precise, as users are able to understand the content, and tag it appropriately, not at all like search engines, that occasionally might not understand website content legitimately.

In any case, this system is helpless, as a few users might endeavor to deceive others by using tags that are not identified with the content. This can be overcome by making a persuasive profile on social bookmarking website, which will at that point be a confided in resource, as opposed to just sharing links, without focusing on the social part of the website.

Organize Bookmarks

Individual users see social bookmarking website as a useful way to organize bookmarks and links from various websites. This is also an opportunity to discover new content related to a certain topic, which is why social bookmarking websites have a lot of users.

When it comes to using these websites for promotion, different sorts of businesses, just as foundations can discover social bookmarking website very useful so as to elevate content and to assemble online network. Education is an area, which can especially benefit from social bookmarking websites, and there are communities for educators solely.

Feature ads

Some social bookmarking websites are free, yet they regularly feature advertisements so as to help themselves and give a free administration. Then again, a few websites give both free and paid records, with basic options offered within free accounts, and more advanced options available within paid accounts.

However, in most of these cases, free account can provide enough options for you to promote your content through a particular bookmarking website. Later on, as you fabricate your quality on a bookmarking website, you might consider using a paid record so as to gain admittance to cutting edge features and attempt to upgrade your business significantly more with the special methodology actualized through social bookmarking websites.

Important social bookmarking websites

The term of social bookmarking has been present from 1990s, yet simply after 2003 has this topic become a component of social media marketing. There are a ton of social bookmarking websites, yet we will highlight the ones that have the biggest online communities, as those have the best capability of having positive impact on your social media marketing strategy.


ScoopIt is a platform that permits sharing links, called scoops, inside topics you create on ScoopIt. The platform also permits searching and finding content that has just been distributed on ScoopIt. You are permitted to add your very own portrayal to each scoop you distribute. Interfacing with different users, following different topics and linking your social media accounts is the thing that gives social angle to this platform.

You can either use a free record, which is a bit limited, with ten links for each day limit, or you can agree to accept an exceptional record. Premium record empowers you to distribute more links, with the chance to use customization apparatuses, to plan posts, to incorporate in excess of two social media accounts, to get to examination and create leads by using lead age integration alternative.


This is another social bookmarking website, which enables you to spare bookmarks and tag pages. Adding sticky notes to the content is the thing that differentiates this platform from others, and it tends to be useful when you need to arrange content you find on the internet. There are both free and premium records, with additional services provided for the premium users, such as unlimited social privileges, images, PDF annotations, etc.


Digg is a news aggregator website, which gathers links from the internet in order to display trending articles and issues discussed on the web at that moment. Registered users can submit their own links and voting is done using ‘digg’ button.


Delicious is considered to be the pioneer in the region of social bookmarking, as the administration has popularized the idea of social bookmarking and tagging content. The website was established in 2003, and it offers very basic interface for sharing links. Heavenly is said to have more than five million users worldwide.


Reddit enables users to create text posts or submit links. The links are than sorted out dependent on a voting system which uses ‘up’ or ‘down’ to assess the usefulness or nature of the post or link. The content is sorted out into topics called subreddits. As indicated by the website insights, the website has just about four million enrolled users.


It is an excellent platform for submitting links as it enables users to create their very own personal boards where they store links. StumbleUpon functions like a discovery engine, which empowers you to find content dependent on your interests and dependent on the links you have just submitted. When you find a page, you can vote using like or dislike button. It is likewise conceivable to partake in the network by creating lists, following people, sharing other people’s links, etc.

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