Using Social media for establishing Relationship

One of the greatest values of social networks is their possibility to establish relationships among people and make a functioning network of followers. You, as a delegate of a company, should utilize social networks to collaborate with both customer and different business. Along these lines you establish a durable relationship that can result in a good coordinated effort, out of which your company can profit.

You should have in mind that some social networks are increasingly helpful with establishing relationship with the customers, while other social networks provide more opportunities for establishing a relationship with different business. This is particularly helpful if you target bunches which include little companies and businesses.

Social media used for customer service

Since we are on the topic of relationship that can be established through social media, we should worry the importance of social networks being utilized as a channel for giving customer support. Generally, each company has a department to which customers can address if they have any inquiries or issues with the items. The importance of such department is enormous to the general population picture of the company, as the satisfied customers are bound to impart their positive experience in attempting to a specific company. This sort of proposals is important for those companies that endeavor to build a respectful and dependable brand.

Improvement of social networks affected the importance of businesses being publicly prescribed considerably more. Since the information about anything can without much of a stretch be shared on social networks, in which case the information can turn out to be generally available to the extensive number of people, avoiding negative reviews and experience has become even more important for companies nowadays.

Interact with customer

Furthermore, social networks enabled quick and simple ways to interact with customers and provide assistance they require. This can greatly speed up the process of answering to any 114 issues a customer could have. Time and place are irrelevant now, as companies are now able to provide non-stop online support via social media to all of the users, regardless where they live.

Having in mind the fact that social networks are such powerful and proficient platform for giving customer service, it is highly recommended for companies to offer that kind of service, as these days people are well on the way to utilize social networks to achieve brands. Rather than sending an email or calling, people utilize social networks to send request by means of messages, as this appears to be snappier and simpler approach to tackle an issue or an issue a client may have with a specific product.

Some companies choose to make separate social media profiles committed exclusively to customer service, while different companies coordinate this department as a piece of posting activity inside social media marketing.

Relationship with customers


If you have a business in a phase of looking for more customers, social networks can help you in reaching those customers. The motivation behind having social media accounts will be to connect with customers by sharing content, interaction, organizing chat sessions, giveaways, etc.

Establishing a loyal relationship isn’t as simple as it may appear. You can’t just create an account and anticipate that people should start cooperating. You need to provide esteem and to enthusiasm for request to be even seen, let alone to encourage people to react. Creating a respectful authority that can be trusted is the objective of your system, and this is the best way to establish a relationship that will produce good results, regardless if those are clicks, conversions, likes, etc.

As a result, good relationship with the social followers ensures that you will get a loyal fan base, who are extremely likely to wind up or remain your customers later on. On the long run, this relationship can be truly profitable for your business. You should initially choose the social network that is most appropriate for the type of relationship you want to establish, and for this situation it is business to customer type of a relationship

Relationship with other businesses

In case your company provides a product or service to other small or large companies, you are interested in establishing B2B (business to business) relationship. The goal of your strategy will 113 be to find other business that might be interested in the product or service you provide, and to find a way to connect with them.

A social network, such as LinkedIn, is especially suitable for this kind of interaction, as the target group of this network is business professionals. Be that as it may, other social networks can enable you to discover business through different groups.

A great advantage of finding different businesses through social networks is that you will almost certainly interface with them on social networks and in this way gain trust, preceding reaching them and proposing a business offer. Having a prior relationship can improve the chances of your collaboration in the future.

Business Relationship

When it comes to business to business relationship, you will need a different approach than in case you were trying to reach people. You should start by learning about the specific business so as to define the approach you will use to address the business. You should likewise offer some kind of helpful material, such as tutorials, e-books or guides about a topic related to the business so as to encourage the representatives of that certain business or company to interact with you.

Besides giving materials, you could likewise organize webinars and interviews, or you can participate in such event organized by others, as this is a good method to meet and interact with other businesses. Obviously, this can lead to establishing a dependable relationship which could be very beneficial for your company.

Build your own community

Building your own community isn’t an easy task, but since it is something that you can get great benefits from, you need to concentrate without anyone else community, your base of followers who are well on the way to become your loyal customers.

Start by creating social media accounts, optimize them and afterward start following people. Interact with the users so as to get followed and to create your own voice. Here are some other ideas to help you build your online community.

Focus on your community

Rather than trying to reach out to everyone, focus your efforts on your own community, on your own followers. Specialize in communicating with your target group, as this kind of strategy is the most productive approach to building your community


Influence is an important aspect of building your community, because you want to be able to reach the followers through your social media account, and the influence will enable you to be separated from the various marketers and promoters who are constantly overwhelming social media users with special messages.

If you are able to create good reputation for you social media account, your influence will help you reach more people and successfully communicate your message to the online community.

Provide Quality

Valuable content is the most common reason for online users to interact, regardless if they choose to share, like or comment. Sharing quality content is the best solution for providing value to the followers and building respect and reputation on social media.


Listen what you followers have to state, as this can be priceless information in terms of improving your online reputation and the results of your business activity. Social media is a perfect tool to get to know your followers, your potential and current customers, where you can listen what they have to state about your product and your company, which can help you with improvements.

Followers also appreciate the brands that listen and respond, which is the reason this activity can moreover improve your relationship with the customers and increase the level of loyalty.

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