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Since social media marketing is an essential part of marketing in current organizations, there have been a number of tools made and created for assisting with social media marketing. There are both free and paid tools. The goal of this section is to point out the highlights you need from specific tools that will assist you with tasks inside social media marketing.

These highlights can be found in a wide range of tools, so the decision of picking an ideal tool that you will use for your company will rely upon your very own investigation and comparison of different tools that provide the equivalent or comparative highlights. Since even the paid tools much of the time offer a free time for testing, you will be able to test each tool before you make any decision.

Social media tools can be divided into three major groups, based on the type of social media marketing task the tool can help with.

Tools for planning

The first type of tools includes the tools for planning your social media activity. The primary element of this kind of tool is to assist you with creating a plan of your social media presence. This includes the plan of the content that will be distributed, a calendar of events and promotions that you will organize, etc.

Since planning is a vital piece of marketing as an order, it is prudent that you plan each part of your social media marketing. The tools that provide options necessary for planning include:

Google Calendar

A tool that allows you to make intuitive calendar, where you can schedule your daily activity, and screen the week after week or month to month schedule so as to diversify posting activity on social networks.

Post planner

This app is particularly designed for Facebook and it offers content recommendation based on the reach and investigation of the content you have recently published. You will save a lot of time by using the proposed content which will help post all the more reliably. Post Planner offers extra highlights for scheduling posts, investigating reach and engagement, etc.

Tools for monitoring


In order to make sure that your social media account provides great results. You need tools for monitoring that will enable you to break down the execution of your account, just as the results of your social media marketing. The main options of monitoring tools will enable you to track the statistics, examine your target audience, get alarms, etc. A portion of the tools that are much of the time utilized for this purpose include the following tools:

Social insights

Insights available on social networks can also help with monitoring the activity of a specific social media account, in terms of visits, referrals, engagement, etc.

Google alerts

Monitor the web for the content you are interested in. Besides topics, you can get alerts when your brand is mentioned on the web as well.

Google analytics

This is a very in-depth monitoring tool that should be a fundamental part of your marketing, however since we are keen on monitoring the social media activity, we will feature the significance of a particular option inside Google Analytics. Pick the gathering “Procurement” from the menu on the left and discover the option “Social”. This is the place you can get to referrals from social networks, landing pages, etc.

You will also get bits of knowledge about the visit which resulted from somebody tapping on the connection of your website posted on a specific social network. Thusly you can screen the execution of every social network and look at reach and engagement of different social networks.

Tools for managing

After the underlying period of planning is finished, the time has come to lead social media marketing technique. This is the task that you also may need help with, as you may be in a situation to deal with a few social media accounts all the while.

With regards to tools for overseeing, you need options for scheduling posts, URL shortening, etc. Along these lines, you will probably automate a few parts of your social media marketing, which will enable you to decrease the time you need to spend on social media. Here are a portion of the tools offering the management features:


This tool helps with managing account on Twitter. With data distributed in the form of columns, you can track the activity of your Twitter account, organize and schedule the posts and monitor the engagement.


HootSuite is an online administration dashboard that assists with posting activity on a few accounts, just as with scheduling posts. With a free version of this tool you can coordinate up to three social media accounts, so as to deal with every one of them from HootSuite dashboard. Paid accounts offer additional features, for example, analytics, tracking brand makes reference to, additional team members, etc.

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