Strategies to Increase Sales in eCommerce

As you can notice, there are a great deal of activities while you are waiting for the first sale will happen, however even when it does happen, it isn’t over. There are plenty of activities that will help you improve your business and increase sale. The work on promoting the products and reaching customers is a long way from being done. As a matter of fact, these activities go in a circle.

You will probably sell products consistently and to increase the sale step by step. The activities that help you get your first sale are helpful later on too. For each of those, you get to define a set of strategies and strategies to use so as to maximize the effect of those activities. As your business grows, so will your approach to utilizing different strategies to promote it with online marketing.

With this in mind, here are a couple more tips to make online marketing a part of your routine:

Social media marketing

You should actively be utilizing at any rate one social media to interact with your online customers. Social networks enable users to discover you, to interact with you and learn more about your products, special offers, etc.

To make the most out of social media, pursue these tips:

Explore paid options

Most social networks offer paid options to help with reaching more users. Natural reach is normally limited to your own followers, and even in that case, not every one of them is going to see the posts you share. To make sure you increase the visibility of your post, take a stab at using paid advertising as an option and see how the promotion performs.

If you notice that you can make your investment worth, if you see real profit from the social media ads, then this is something that should be integrated into your social media marketing strategy.

The major benefit of paid advertising on social media are:

  • Reaching more people
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Using advanced targeting options
  • Scheduling ads

Be active on social media

While customization of the profiles and regular notices are helpful in terms of establishing the presence on social media, being active is another major component you should not neglect. You should not forget that social networks are about people, connections, and communication they can establish through these networks.

When users interact with your business profile, regardless if they leave a comment or send a private message, they expect real people to answer their questions. They do not need a template that will be copied and pasted once more. You should always attempt to make it personal and to make the customers feel like they get the attention they deserve. It is also helpful if you are observing social network notifications regularly and if you are able to respond rather rapidly.

Choose the networks

There are a huge number of social media out there, yet in terms of business, you will likely end up using only a selected few. Choose the networks that are well on the way to help you reach customers and promote your products.

At first, you may create profiles on multiple networks, however after a while, you will begin to notice that only some of them really bring benefits. This makes them worth the time and effort, and that is the reason you will keep posting on those, while you may reduce the action on the networks that are not converting.

Create a plan

Distributing as an eCommerce business on social media usually entails a specific plan. It isn’t enough to post item links or blog articles arbitrarily, however instead, try to make posting movement organized and coherent. Have in mind that social media users love helpful and engaging posts, which are likely to perform better. This means providing great content through social media is very important, while promotional posts and advertisements of products are activities you should every so often do and if possible, discreetly.

For example, if you need to promote new tennis gear in your online shop, try waiting a blog post about tennis gear and how it can influence a player’s game. Instead of directly sharing item links, you will create a useful article with links to products for those interested in purchasing tennis gear. Ideally, you need to blend between helpful and promotional content, yet this proportion should be 90:10 for example. In this way, more great content, and less direct advertising.

To pursue these rules, create a plan on what you will post. Your arrangement can also include the times when you will post on social media. This sort of arranging is normally based on customers’ behavior research or the engagement measurements from the previous period.

Analyze the performance


Once you analyze the performance of the accounts, you can see the whole picture. This can help you determine whether you need to be active on a certain network, whether you need to change your approach to social media marketing, etc. Pay attention to these things:

  • Engagement level
  • Click through rate
  • Number of conversion
  • Negative statistics

Finally, it is important to have in mind that social media marketing is a whole segment in online marketing, and as such, it should be studied in more details. These are fast suggestions on the best way to use social media to keep your business profiles active, but to get the maximum capacity of having and implementing a social media strategy, you should explore the subject in more details.

Email Marketing

Collecting emails on your website is an excellent way to build a list of those interested in your business. On one side you have those interested, while on the other you have those already’s identity your customers, which means that they have completed in any event one purchase on your website. As a result, this means you should use in any event two different strategies to communicate with those users effectively.

You can divide the strategies like this:


This first group includes the users who subscribe to your blog updates or provide their email address so that they could redeem an offer you have provided, for example, a coupon, or a free template. When you use email marketing, your goal is to get those subscribers interested in your business even more. Here is the thing that you can do:

  • Make sure your email message is mobile-friendly
  • Then share a promotional email where you would feature some of your products
  • Use personalized approach
  • Customize each email crusade
  • Offer exclusive limits for subscribers only
  • Instead, begin fabricating this relationship bit by bit
  • Offer even more great content to the subscribers
  • Share some helpful content from your blog


Customers are those who have completed in any event one purchase. This means they were persuaded to try out your products. However, it is not necessarily the case that your relationship is over. The same way you nurture the relationship with the subscribers, it is necessary to nurture the relationship with the customers.

Some of these tactics can be helpful:

  • Offer exclusive discounts for recurring customers
  • Send customized email with item suggestions based on the previous purchase
  • Share item suggestions at the perfect time
  • Inquire as to whether the customer was satisfied with the purchase process, customer service, etc.
  • Suggest that they share the experience with friends

Analyze the abandoned cart

We have already mentioned that a bewildering number of products placed in trucks is never really purchased, but instead, the truck is abandoned. This abandonment can happen anywhere through the checkout process, but it most commonly does when unexpected sending costs are calculated.

These days, most eCommerce businesses use email as the main piece of data they require when the person begins the checkout process. Some require creating an account, but more and more business are deciding to avoid this step to speed up the process and make purchase quicker and easier for the customer. Requesting an email address early on guarantees that you get priceless data to contact the person even if they abandon the cart along the way.

This sort of a situation requires a completely new email marketing approach where you should define how you address your customers. Clearly, there was a reason for that person to relinquish the truck. They may be surprised by the delivery costs, but they also may be uncertain whether they need to purchase the item from you or not. Or on the other hand perhaps they were simply in a surge and needed to stop the browser before they were able to complete the purchase.

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