What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Having a website has become one of the most important ways to effectively display your organization and to achieve customers who are well on the way to utilize the internet to discover data about a specific item and at last get it. Regardless, making a website is the less demanding part, as your website must show up at the highest point of search results with the end goal for clients to have the capacity to discover you.

At the point when clients look into a word or expression utilizing the search engines, they get a showed rundown of search results. They experience this rundown and attempt to discover the outcome they require, the outcome that is really identified with the word or expression that has been utilized in the search question. Be that as it may, in view of the researches, the greater part of clients will just look over the main couple of results, and they are destined to tap on the first. This is the motivation behind why being situated at the highest point of the search result page is an imperative objective in the event that you need to achieve the clients.

The discipline that investigates diverse techniques keeping in mind the end goal to enable you to show signs of improvement situating in the search engines, and accordingly advance your business online, is called search engine marketing.

SEM Definition

Search engine marketing, or to utilize a shorter expression, search engine, is characterized as a progression of activities that are gone for expanding visibility of a website in the search engines through both paid and free procedures. The principle objective of these procedures is to build the visibility of a website and gain activity, with a specific end goal to expand deals and transformations. Search engine marketing ought to be an indistinguishable portion of the marketing office in an organization, as it can altogether advance an organization, and also gather significant information about the clients, which assists with marketing analysis.

As such, search engine marketing requires a comprehensive strategy which will include the goals, as well as planned actions that should be conducted in the purpose of achieving those goals. The actions in the process of realization of the strategy will differ, depending on the type of search marketing that is used.

Other than different strategies included, different apparatuses are utilized in the reason for breaking down the execution of the website and the productivity of the technique that is being actualized. Tools are required with both free and paid search marketing, as they empower acknowledgment of various arrangements of activities that will help with realization of the goals.


The SEM terminology

Before we continue with the topic, it is basic that you see some essential terms that are utilized in search engine marketing.

SEM – Search engine marketing represents a piece of the internet marketing which utilizes search engines result pages to advance a website, utilizing both natural and paid reach.

SEO – Search engine advancements a procedure of enhancing visibility of a website in the search engine result pages through natural reach.

ROI – Return on venture is a proportion used to help figure profitability. return for capital invested looks at speculation and results with a specific end goal to decide profits by the marketing effort.

Search query or keyword query is the word or expression that the clients compose into the search engines so as to discover more data about that particular theme.

PPC – Pay per click is the piece of paid reach in the search engine marketing where you have to pay each time somebody taps on your promotion.

CPM – Cost per mile speaks to cost per thousand impressions. It is one of the promoting installment designs, where you pay the cost per thousands perspectives.

Landing page, additionally called capture page, is a page which shows up after the user has tapped on the connection showed in the search engine result page, paying little respect to that being natural posting or paid promotion.

Conversion usually means converting a website visitor to customer, but occasionally, websites may use metrics other than sale as conversion, such as sign up for a newsletter, visiting a certain page, etc.

SERP – Search engine result page is the list of results displayed by the search engines as the response to the search query.


SEO (Search engine optimization) and PPC (Pay per click) are the two kinds of search engine marketing. These two speak to two unique methodologies which both have a similar objective, how to build the position, i.e. visibility of a website in the search engines. The main difference between SEO and PPC is the type of reach you want to achieve.


Search engine optimization expands purported organic reach. This implies chipping away at search engine optimization you endeavor to expand the quantity of clients who will discover your website “normally”, through the search engine.

The primary objective with search engine optimization is to utilize an arrangement of techniques and apparatuses, while following the accepted procedures and proposals, in the motivation behind enhancing the situation of the website in connection to particular catchphrases or watchword phrases. It is basic for these catchphrases to be identified with your business, so the choice of watchwords is one of the primary assignments during the time spent search engine optimization . For this situation, you will probably build the situation of your website in the search results, which depends on the catchphrases you assume the clients would search for.

Search engine optimization is a comprehensive process that requires a lot of work which will pay off in the increased visibility of your website in the search engine result pages. This process is also considered to be long-term, since the benefits of the website optimization are long lasting as opposed to paid reach.

White Hat vs. Black Hat

When it comes to SEO, it is important to differentiate between the so-called white hat and the dark cap SEO. White cap SEO utilizes the prescribed procedures and proposals for directing an optimization of a website. It incorporates activities prescribed by the search engines as things out of which your website can profit, and that is the reason you ought to apply those practices.

Website admin rules speak to the prescribed procedures that assistance search engines to discover, list and rank a website. The rules are contained three noteworthy arrangements of rules, which include:

  • Quality guidelines
  • Design and content guidelines
  • Technical guidelines

Black hat SEO includes the practices that are intended to misguide and controlling search engines’ calculations, keeping in mind the end goal to expand situating. Black hat SEO utilizes the practices that are not prescribed by the search engines, which is the reason they could have negative impact on your website, and they may even outcome in punishment by the search engines.


Penalty speaks to a negative effect on a website’s positioning. Search engines endeavor to give quality users experience and they attempt to discover spam through calculation updates and manual activities. Penalty can result in the drop of rankings, diminish in rush hour gridlock, changes, and so on. Every so often, the website probably won’t be shown in the search result page.

Some of the reasons for penalties include:

  • Hidden text
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Cloaking
  • Not following search engine guidelines
  • Hacked website

Even though search engine optimization is often referred to as free search engine marketing, it does require a lot of time from your part or even hiring an expert to help you with some of the tasks. Therefore, saying that SEO is free is not entirely true. SEO also requires a certain period of time to optimize a website and then to get indexed by search engines, which will prolong the time necessary for you to get ranked, while paid reach will help you with this task much faster.

Even though search engine optimization is often referred to as free search engine marketing, it does require a lot of time from your part or even hiring an expert to help you with some of the tasks. Therefore, saying that SEO is free is not entirely true. SEO also requires a certain period of time to optimize a website and then to get indexed by search engines, which will prolong the time necessary for you to get ranked, while paid reach will help you with this task much faster.


PPC, then again, utilizes paid reach to enable you to achieve online customers. Albeit paid search marketing is frequently alluded to as PPC (pay per click), it really incorporates different kinds of paid marketing, for example, CPC (cost per snap) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Paid search engine marketing requires paying for promotions that will be shown in the search engines. For this situation, there is no compelling reason to search for the approaches to enhance the situation of your website naturally, however rather, you should simply to set up a crusade through a publicizing program. Along these lines, your website will be shown as the paid outcome each time a 15 client searches for a specific catchphrase that is identified with the watchwords you have provided when creating a campaign.

For example, if a user looks for bike rentals in Paris, the paid results will appear above all other results. Since these results are ranked at the top of the search results, this increases the chances for users to find your website. Paid results are displayed above the organic results, on the right side in the search result page, and they can also be displayed at the bottom of the search result page.

Changes on the Internet

You ought to have at the top of the priority list that circumstance on the internet changes continually. There are various websites being made each day, and individuals are beginning to utilize search engine marketing to contend on the internet. In the meantime, there are the individuals who surrender or swing to various activities. This is the reason it is fundamental to screen the circumstance on the internet, to screen your rivals and to remain fully informed regarding suggestions and best practices that can enable you to expand the visibility of your website.

In any case the kind of search engine marketing you choose to utilize, you have to screen your work and the execution of your endeavors keeping in mind the end goal to assess the productivity of SEM. With paid search engine marketing you will have the capacity to screen the execution of the crusade through the promoting program used to make the battle, while with SEO you should utilize outer devices for observing the execution of the website and natural reach.

Regardless of how circumstance creates later on and in any case how search engine calculations change, the reality remains that websites will rival each other for the best position in the search engine result pages. The instruments and the prescribed procedures may change, as they have been throughout the years, yet search engine marketing remains a piece of marketing, a piece of the action that will surely enable you to advance your business.

Search Engines and Marketing

Search engine is a program that searches the particular thing in its own database, keeping in mind the end goal to exhibit the outcomes that match the inquiry the users is occupied with. Its database comprises of the pages that are recorded by that search engine. Internet users direct a search by composing a specific word or expression in the search engine.

The goal of search engine marketing is to arrange advertising movement using search engines. Regardless of whether you are utilizing paid marketing or search engine optimization, the thought is to influence the search engines in such a route thus, to the point that they show your website at the highest point of the search results. Search engine marketing is a pivotal piece of internet marketing that arrangements with making a fruitful technique of enhancing the situation of the website in the search engines.

About Search Engines

Search engines utilize their own particular algorithm to discover the results that match the inquiry inside their own database. Diverse criteria are being considered while deciding the rundown of most significant outcomes, for example, catchphrases, meta tags, influence, etc.

The term search engine is frequently used to portray the projects, for example, Google, Bing or Yahoo! These are additionally the most utilized search engines, with Google being the most utilized of all. At the point when clients need to discover something on the web, they more often than not utilize one of the search engines to do as such.

Since search engines use multiple metrics in their algorithms, which serve to determine the relevance of a website to the specific search query, search engine marketing has various different aspects to help search engines include your website in the SERP.

In one of the following chapters we will address the process of indexing a website and explain how the search engines recognize your website and match it to a particular search query.

Market share and search engine

There have been a lot of studies and surveys conducted in order to determine the search engine market share, and the correct figures fluctuate in various reports. Be that as it may, what they all have in like manner is the Google’s supremacy over some other search engine. As indicated by the comScore results for August, 2014, roughly 67% of searches are directed through Google search engine. Bing’s offer in the aggregate number of searches is around 19%, while Yahoo! searches speak to 10% of the aggregate number.

Other search engines have a minor offer in worldwide searches, incorporating Ask Network with around 2% of piece of the overall industry and AOL, Inc. with around 1.3% of piece of the overall industry, in view of a similar report.

Besides desktop searches, Google, Yahoo! what’s more, Bing also make up the mobile search market share. Be that as it may, Google’s market share on mobile devices is over 80%, followed by Yahoo! with around 10% and Bing with roughly 6% of the piece of the overall industry.

You should also have at the top of the priority list the land appropriation of piece of the overall industry, as the use of search engines shift in various parts of the world. While Google takes up the biggest piece of search engine piece of the pie in the USA, Baidu takes up more than 60% piece of the overall industry in China, where Google falls behind with under 5%.

Market share of search engine

The motivation behind why you need to comprehend the level of the market share of each search engine is the way that search engine marketing depends on the utilization of certain search engines in the reason for achieving users.

Significant search engines have their own particular help focuses to give extra data about its search engine calculation and best practices you should use keeping in mind the end goal to enable you to expand the visibility of your website.

Besides industry reports, what you need to consider is your own statistics that are available inside your Google Analytics account. Here is how and where you can see the percentage of visits you get from each search engine. This ultimately means that you should focus your efforts on a certain search engine in particular, in terms of developing search engine optimization strategy or running a paid advertising campaign.

Search Engine Advertising

Each search engine has its own particular program for promoting, which more often than excludes battle chief through which the publicizing is being set up. When you investigate your alternatives, and pick one of the search engines you need to use for promoting, you should visit the website and figure out how to do as such. You will generally be required to make a record, which will empower you to get to the battle director for making and distributing search engine promotions.

Google Adwords

Google enables search engine publicizing through Google AdWords platform. You should make a Google account first, and afterward visit the website to agree to accept Google AdWords. Since 23 Google is the main search engine, handling more than 3.5 billion searches every day, it is regular that its promoting program is the most prevalent one with regards to search engine advertising.

Bing Ads

Since 2009, all of the Yahoo! searches are conducted through Microsoft’s search engine Bing. The advertising opportunity now enables marketers to take advantage of both of these platforms for organizing a search engine marketing campaign. Bing / Yahoo! network now provides joint advertising option. With up to 30% of searches being conducted through these two search engines, depending on the region, Bing Ads represents an important source for search engine advertising.

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