Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

While being active on social media, you will establish a plan that will include a certain set of exercises. Regardless of whether you will direct the social media strategy all alone or you will employ a person who will do that for you, you have to establish a lot of rules, what to do and what not to do while being dynamic on social media. This will assist you with being consistent and utilizing the planned techniques and approached during the time spent realization of social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Dos


The following set of actions includes the things you should do on social media in order to maximize the effect of your social media strategy and increase engagement.


While posting unique and one of a kind content is highly encouraged as that sort of content offers some incentive and is most useful, sharing somebody’s content can be a decent method to differentiate and supplement your posting movement. You can share a status update, a video or a blog article, in the event that you think it is significant to your adherents.

Be that as it may, you should consider sharing at times, as the focus of your social media marketing is to promote your business through your very own content.

Keep up with current trends

There have been many events and trends on social media that usually spread all over the internet and reach a huge number of people. The incredible virality of these events is additionally accompanied by the usage of a certain hashtag that enables people to check their content similar to the piece of global social media event or trend.

You should stay aware of these trends, and if suitable join them,as this can be a decent way to indicate bolster or take part in a global activity. Also, this may enable you to contact some new people and discover different business that may be identified with your business in some way.


Responding to your followers who are considering turning into your clients or may already be your clients is pivotal for establishing long haul relationship and expanding the dimension of devotion. Social followers need to realize that they can depend on you to give fundamental data and help, as this can impact their choice to be your clients later on. You should try to provide helpful response in a short time period.


The combination of all the activities stated above, and different social media approaches. It is the perfect recipe for keeping fresh and diversifying content and activities on your social media account.

Social Media Don’ts


Here are the things to avoid when posting on social networks as those can have negative effect on the popularity and credibility of your social media accounts, and ultimately reduce the influence of you brand.

Neglect your social media account

Social media marketing demands a ceaseless exertion in being available on social media, and if you disregard your social media account, you will return to the beginning stage, and you will see no positive results. It isn’t sufficient to make a social media account and anticipate that it should wind up prominent or to improve your business all alone. Social media marketing requires exertion and time important to be put resources into having a functioning and prominent social media account.

Complete automation of the account

While automation is an important part of social media marketing, as we will find in one of the following chapters, you should avoid using tools to completely automate your account. The primary drawback of automation is the way that you won’t most likely react to the followers. Moreover, your account may appear to be artificial, and this sort of approach isn’t probably going to inspire people to tail you or communicate with you. No followers or commitment implies your social media marketing will be totally unsuccessful as you will flop in promoting your brand on social systems.

Copy other people’s content

While every so often sharing other people’s content can be useful and it is important to keep an eye on your competitors, by and large you should abstain from duplicating what other social media users do or share on social systems. This sort of content gives no value to your social media followers, and it can just mischief your social media marketing.

Ignore your followers

You should avoid ignoring your social followers regardless the conditions. People should need to adulate your organization, they may require question replied or they simply need to express their dissatisfaction with the item or administrations you provide, and these days, people are well on the way to use social systems for this reason. In these circumstances, you as an agent of an organization, need to provide reaction in a convenient way.

In addition to the fact that this helps the people who posted the acclaim or a potential problem, however this sort of conversation will likewise be noticeable to the next social system users, which may influence the individuals who are to wind up you prospective customers.

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