Affiliate Marketing Tools to Use

Affiliates, or publishers, will utilize an assortment of online marketing methods while pro the affiliate links, which means a few tools will come entirely helpful amid the procedure. Affiliate programming is fundamental for merchants, allowing them to compose and screen the affiliate program. Then again, affiliates will require a lot of organizational and promotion tools.

Affiliates should start with the fundamentals, which include tools to optimize and screen the site, tools for content circulation through social media and email marketing.

Links and tracking

This section is about tools that help you with making links and tracking their performance. Having in mind that you will advance affiliate links it is basic to track the performance of content that features affiliate links. You will get familiar with content that performs well, about channels that are promoting the link the most, etc.

ClickMeter – This tool creates custom tracking links for you giving a point by point data about the link you are tracking. It accompanies a few reporting options empowering you to focus on a specific perspective, for example, clickstream, conversion, correlation, etc. It is a paid tool.

Capsulink – Basic measurements and URL shortening are accessible for free with Capsulink. Further developed paid plans include extra features, for example, editable URL shortening, broken link notification, advanced statistics, etc.

Linktrack – Enabling easy and simple link observing, Linktrack is an elective you could think about when checking link performance. The free account accompanies boundless links checking, continuous tracking and diagrams, while paid accounts include extra data, for example, conversion tracking, email click alerts, IP geo-area, etc. just as downloadable reports. – It is a standout amongst the most famous URL shortening services online. Basic investigation reporting is included for each link you track through this tool.

TinyURL – This tool is an option for link shortening.

Google Campaign URL Builder – By including campaign parameters with the URL to track, you can get quite itemized reporting on how the URL is performing, just as which parameters affect its performance.


When you start searching for new ideas to improve your ebb and flow procedure, an impressive part of the procedure will comprise of research. Hence, the research tools you could explore.

Google Keyword Tool – A major part of developing an online marketing procedure depends on keywords. They are used for site optimization, content creation, paid campaigns, etc. To access this tool, you should login to your Google AdWords account.

Moz Keyword Explorer – Here is another tool that causes you investigate keywords, showing you search volume, difficulty, etc. The free version of the tool is restricted to 20 inquiries for each month.

Majestic SEO – Offering webpage pioneer, search adventurer, backlink history feature and some more, this tool is an great option when you want to find out progressively about your site, or even about your rivals. A free website admin account shows a look at the data you can acquire through paid plans.

Moz Open Site Explorer – This is a standout amongst the most recommended tools to research a backlink profile of a site, just as to find openings in terms of link building. It is possible to increase a few bits of knowledge for free but to get to a full scope of data, you will require MozPro account.


Essential include a site, social media and content tools that are vital for setting up the webpage and dealing with the online nearness.

Aside from facilitating and domain name to have your site, you will require a few tools to screen the performance of the site and to optimize it. Since potential conversions are adapted by the performance of your site, one of the top needs when starting out with affiliate marketing is improving your site.

Google Analytics – For a progressively sagacious examination of the website traffic, you will likewise need to incorporate Google Analytics to your website. It is useful for tracking specific links and how they perform on different media.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer – This tool encourages you investigate how well your website is optimized. Also, it empowers you to pursue the tips to alter each fragment and recheck if those progressions improve website optimization.

Realization – The free version of this tool gives the Google Penalty Checker, which can be very useful. Affiliates regularly see a drop in ranking when a search engine update is presented, so it is useful to comprehend what causes the penalty. The paid version includes site analyzer and different analytics data.


Content is the core of affiliate marketing as it enables an foundation for affiliate link promotion. Optimization of content and amplifying its performance are a portion of the top undertakings you should focus on. The following tools can help:

SharedCount – Use this tool to find out the quantity of shares a URL gets. It is helpful for dissecting your content, but it is additionally incredible for spying contenders.

Free images – Visual content increases the performance of content, which is the reason it is useful to include images as a piece of your content marketing. There are various websites online to find free images, including Pixabay, Pexel, and Unsplash.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – Once you have the title, utilize this analyzer to improve the viral capability of that title. You should information exchange utilizing an email address to see the title score and how you can optimize it to drive more clicks.


Content Idea Generator – You should register for a free account and to respond to some question about your website, and the tool will create many content ideas that can be used for blog posts, social media updates, e-books, webcasts, etc.

Buzzsumo – The tool demonstrates to you which content is being shared, and this is useful for finding new content ideas. It also indicates who shares the content with the goal that you can find influencers for an outreach campaign.

Paid Campaign

Another option for promoting affiliate links is through paid publicizing. When using this sort of online promotion, it is basic to have in mind the terms of administration of the affiliate program, particularly those terms that regulate promotion through search engine ads. The following tools can help with paid campaigns:

Facebook Ads – A lot of social systems offer advertising through the platform which should be possible in a type of supported posts, or reason driven campaigns, for example, driving traffic, expanding information exchanges, etc. Using Facebook Ads Manager allows making, overseeing, and checking of ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Unbounce – The tool empowers the making of landing pages using simplified components, formats, A/B testing feature, structure builder and a lot more features. Since the landing page is normally the page linked to the paid ad, the first the clients will see once they click on the ad, this tool can help with expanding conversions.

Google AdWords – It is no doubt that you will run a search engine paid campaign, which is done through Google AdWords account. The platform empowers the production of ads, planning, targeting and investigating ad performance.

Bing Ads – If you are searching for an elective that is intended for Bing, utilize this platform for search engine ads creation and management.

Social Media

Social systems are another channel you will likely use for promotion. Regardless of whether you don’t advance affiliate links directly through social media, you will at present share content that contains affiliate links. You should get to know social media strategies you can utilize. A portion of these tools could be helpful along the way:

SproutSocial – If you are searching for an elective with regards to social media management and robotization, here is another tool you could consider. It is a paid tool offering some astonishing advanced features, for example, different kinds of reports, advanced keyword tuning in, and custom URL tracking.

Social Mentions – Searching specific keywords with this tool furnishes bits of knowledge into top keywords related with the subject, just as other helpful data, for example, top users, reach, etc. It basically allows you to find out what is trending, which is helpful if you are searching for content ideas.

Woobox – This tool enables formation of marketing campaigns, for example, challenges, giveaways, etc. The campaigns can be facilitated on a website, blogs, social media, in popups or as landing pages, which means that you can boost the reach of such campaigns using the majority of the distribution channels.

Buffer – Use this tool to plan posts, track performance, and manage all your social media accounts from a solitary platform. The individual plan allows one social profile and up to 10 planned posts, and it is free, while paid plans empower you to open more features and add increasingly social accounts to manage.

Email Marketing

One of the distribution channels you will in all likelihood end up using as an affiliate marketer is an email. With the assistance of the correct tools, you can completely optimize and screen your campaigns to ensure the highest conversion rate.

GetResponse – This is a platform that combines email marketing, landing page creation, and marketing automation. All that you have to run a successful email marketing campaign is found inside this tool. It is a paid platform.

Hi Bar – If you want to build the number of emails you gather through your website, try using Hello Bar tool. Other than lead age, the tool can likewise demonstrate announcements, so you can advance an individual item here too. It is very direct and simple to utilize.

HubSpot Marketing Free – Capture leads with customizable popups and analyze users’ on location conduct to expand conversions. This tools provides a lot of data about your leads allowing you to optimize email campaigns dependent on these analytics.

MailChimp – As a standout amongst the most famous tools for email marketing, MailChimp helps with making, customizing, and observing email marketing campaigns, joined by marketing automation features. The tool is free for 2,000 supporters or less, and it is limited to 12,000 emails for every month.

WordPress Tools

Over 25% websites out of the main 10 million locales which were examined use WordPress platform. As an affiliate, almost certainly, you will utilize this platform for your website and blog, so here are a couple of tools and add-ons that can be useful:

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin – This free WordPress module empowers you to add Amazon items to your blog post without using standard and widgets.

ThirstyAffiliates – It includes a few affiliate marketing tools to enable you to manage your WordPress website, including statistics, diverts, Autolinker feature, the option to import affiliate links structure Amazon and different programs, etc. The tool is free on WordPress.

Auto Affiliate Links – This module can spare a lot of time since it automatically adds affiliate links to your content.

Easy Affiliate Links – Manage the affiliate links using this module with features, for example, short links, classes, visual and HMTL supervisor, import, send out, etc.

When you start with affiliate marketing, you will soon realize which tools can truly enable you to expand performance and be progressively beneficial, and which ones are those you could manage without. The rundown here features recommendations on tools that could be helpful, but you could generally search for options that provide comparative or similar features.

It is likewise critical to take note of that a portion of these tools are paid, while some are free. The decision concerning whether to go for an exceptional plan depends on the amount of utilization you will get from a specific tool. Consider how the tool will enable you to improve your strategy and then make a decision dependent on that.

Interestingly, the greater part of these tools offer a free trial or if nothing else a free plan, which is generally very limited. Along these lines you can see firsthand how you can profit by the features offered by a specific tool.

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