Creating a Blogging Strategy

One of the most important prerequisites for successful blogging is planning. If you approach blogging with a point by point strategy, this will enable you to control your activities and exercises while making, overseeing, and advancing your blog.

With blogging strategy, you structure an arrangement of where you are and where you need blogging to take you. In any case in the event that you do blogging as an interest, or you need to find routes how to make blogging into an all day work, making a blogging strategy will assist you with achieving your goals and making sense of the correct activities that will help you get there.


Begin with goals. Goals are a necessary part of the arranging procedure. Interestingly, many individuals begin blogging with no goals at the top of the priority list. They begin blogging only for getting distributed on the web, without any plans for the future or any thought on the most proficient method to actualize online marketing to advance this content.

However, goals help you keep everything organized and think about content creation more efficiently. It is crucial that blogging goals are:

  • Custom

Define your own goals. Try not to pursue an example or an all inclusive strategy for success with conventional goals. Rather, make goals that are extremely conceivable for your current situation and ensure you can profit by these goals.

  • Achievable

As much as you like for your blog to end up a moment hit, there are no ensures that it will. Rather, be reasonable while making goals. Consider your current situation, regardless of whether you are beginning starting with no outside help or you as of now have a specific number of adherents. Consider your rivals and how they are getting along. The majority of this can influence the goals you can potentially achieve.

  • Quantifiable

Having goals you can measure gives you a simple alternative to look at the planned goals and accomplished results. These correlations can enable you to understand and examine your execution and discover approaches to enhance your blogging strategy later on. Numerical quantifiers are an ideal choice.

Goals can also be long haul or here and now, contingent upon the period you will take as a kind of perspective. Ideally, you should have both long haul and here and now goals Planning gives your blog a reason. It encourages you figure out what you need to accomplish, and this empowers you to define your story, your content, and find your voice.


Target Group

One of the goals of blogging is picking up trust and impact among your blog guests. You need to build up yourself as an influencer in the business and make a base of supporters. What will help with this is characterizing your objective gathering. You ought to be as nitty gritty as conceivable while doing this. Attempt to limit the gathering of people you are addressing with your content.

Accordingly, you can make content that is better customized to your objective gathering. Not exclusively is such content more compelling with online users, but it also helps with achieving your goals.

Defining your target group also helps you:

  • Determine content distribution channel
  • Plan the blog topics
  • Explore opportunities for online promotion
  • Plan the blog topics



The next step in your strategy is deciding the financial plan. Contingent upon your blogging goals, contingent upon how you need your blog to grow, you will require a financial plan. The astonishing thing about blogging is that you for all intents and purposes require no speculation to begin doing it, with the exception of your own time. You have free blogging platforms, you can use royalty free photos, joining online life is additionally free, there are a lot of free devices for bloggers, etc.

However, if you want to get your blog up to speed, it is advisable to consider it an investment.

The cost related to blogging which you should plan in your budget include the following:

  • Premium templates, paid plugins, and other tools
  • Budget for content creation
  • Hosting and domain name
  • Budget for advertising


Content Ideas

When you make a strategy, it is advisable to consider content thoughts for your blog. This will give you a look into what sort of content you could post on your blog. Since you will likewise be considering your objective gathering, it will enable you to characterize content that is custom fitted dependent on their interest and expectations.

Start by thinking about content formats first. Here are a few ideas:

  • Guides
  • Interviews
  • Lists
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • How-to-articles
  • Case Studies
  • Ebooks
  • Company News
  • Guest Post
Content topic ideas

Also, try to think about topic ideas and attempt to list somewhere around twenty or even more of them. The most ideal approach to get content subject thoughts is to do brainstorming.

Begin by concentrating on the keyword(s) applicable to your blog. Expand the list using synonyms or related keywords. At that point attempt to add different expressions to begin making themes. Some ideas are the following:

  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About [keyword]
  • Top 5 [keyword]
  • Why [keyword] Are The New Black
  • 10 Ways to Use [keyword]
  • How [keyword] Can Help You
  • How [keyword] Are Like [other keyword or phrase]
Content idea generator

You could even use Content Idea Generator or Portent’s Content Idea Generator to help you with new content ideas.

The main benefit of defining content ideas are these opportunities:

  • Start working on blog monetization ideas
  • Create editorial calendar
  • Plan promotional and other activities in advance



The final step of your blogging strategy should be the choice of metrics you need to track and screen. These measurements enable you to assess the accomplishment of your blogging strategy, which is the reason they are a basic resource in a strategy.

When you have measurements to screen, you have the chance to check whether you can accomplish them and if not, how you can enhance your strategy.

Metrics you should define inside blogging strategy ought to include some of the following:


Engagement is a metric that shows to you how successful you are at drawing in your followers. It can be analyzed through a variety of analytics data which include likes, shares, bounce rate, page views, signups, etc.

What this metric helps you finish up how efficient you are in contacting your gathering of people. It demonstrates you accomplishment at connecting with the gathering of people which encourages you rethink your blogging strategy. It may be that you are focusing on the wrong gathering of people. You may require better content thoughts, or your blog may require a revamp.


This metric incorporates the information about who is sharing your content and where. Utilize the blog statistics to see the insights about the quantity of snaps. Which articles are being shared the most? Where does this activity start from? Is it natural or web based life driven movement?

Goal of these measurements to demonstrate to you where content is shared and how you are achieving your online clients. This can enable you to discover new approaches to advance your content. It can also give ideas regarding utilizing paid advertising or extending your impact on other content dissemination platforms.


This metric should demonstrate a possibility to develop as your blog develops. The ability to convert your visitors directly proves your influence thus shows you a growing power to persuade online visitors. This is a marker of accomplishment, which is the reason changes is the metric you should center around too.

Together, these metrics enable you to compute ROI and directly measure the benefit of your blogging strategy. Utilize a free tool, for example, Google Analytics, to get to your blog insights. Get the data about these and different measurements that help you evaluate the performance of your blog.


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